Who is God?

Who and what is GOD?

Unfortunately, some of us put God "in a box" because it makes sense to us.

We try to understand the mystery around him through our own thoughts and philosophies.
Perhaps we do this because we believe it helps us understand the meaning of life and it will strengthen our faith.

The problem is that however, it can prevent us from experiencing who God is in all His enormous size, because we put Him in a stall, which limits our faith and creates a problem (nr. 1).

A little task for you: "How, what and why?"

Try answering the three questions in the title and GOD is the theme:
Explain with your own thoughts and words and remember that there are no limits.

It's a difficult task and there are so many different views on how God is and how he works, so we are content with this way of "seeing him":

  • He is a living creature.

  • He is in possession of an enormous force that transcends human perception.

  • All he has done and still does is almost unbelievable..

  • He is loving, caring, understanding, forgiving and the best friend you'll ever have.

  • God = Love & Truth

The most important is we're supposed to respect Him and all he created: The earth and everything in it.

We have to remember everything on earth is created perfectly and with ORDER as a basis.
ORDER in this context means well-functioning and systematic.
Humans misunderstand God's system at times because he works differently than us, he has constructed everything by perfection which in turn requires order to be well-functioning, but if something comes out of balance and in disorder what happens then?

Then the work of creation is no longer well-functioning and we'll have different problems (e.g.:climate crises).

This also includes YOU.

Me, really? You might be thinking.

Yes you, because God loves you, in fact he loves you more than your mother, father and everyone else.

He's the one comforting you when you feel down and nobody else doesn't seem to care about you.

When you are "out of order" in the way you are supposed to be there will be another problem (nr. 2).

Another task for you: "How am I handling myself according to what God wants from me?"

Take a deep breath and be honest to yourself while answering that question, and if you don't know what God wants from you it's about time to find out. You have limited time to find out the meaning of life, and YOU own it to yourselves to be committed.

Facts: God protects us 24/7

Our living God and his power protects us in every possible way and let us consider the most basic and scientific:

A huge number of meteorites and asteroids are on their way to Earth constantly and some of them also hit it, but without significant damage. We are protected by the atmosphere (also created by God) and the atmosphere is known to be a thin and even invisible form of protection. We know it is not a man-made armored shell circulating around the globe.

God provides for all positive things that goes on on the planet Earth, while in this age (at least most of us) abuse most of what is available to us because we are greedy, self-centered and have forgotten God's presence.

There have been 5 or 6 civilizations on the planet before, and all of them have been wiped out. This information has been confirmed by researchers and archeologists and the causes are explained by tsunamis, earthquakes and asteroids.

At the same time, we know from science that all the people who lived in these earlier civilizations also had problems as they worshiped other "gods" and behaved in other ways than how God wanted them to behave.

Is it logical to think that God destroyed these former civilizations because he wanted to "start over again"?

Is it logical to believe this is happening again?

God is modern

From the Old to the New Testament including Jesus' role, we must acknowledge that God is modern and evolving ahead of our action patterns. This is not surprising as he has a plan for humanity.

In any case, we must talk about the role of Jesus in all this because from the Old Testament in the Bible there are enormous differences in how to deal with enemies and at least not to revenge on such:

"Eye for eye and tooth for tooth" is not exactly compatible with Jesus' handling: If you are beaten, turn the other cheek and receive another "slapping".

Our opinion about this is that we feel even more confident that we are dealing with a living and renewable God, he registered in the old days that revenge did not work optimally (although it was certainly in place in countless cases) and that violence against violence generates even more violence, perhaps because malice in humans has unfortunately evolved even more.

In the past people may have learned from the act of revenge since they felt ashamed by being put in place by others, while in recent times shame is no longer present in such events.

This is another proof that God is alive and has the ability to renew himself and develop new methodologies for people to see the truth.

And imagine how much he must love us in the fact he sent his own Son Jesus Christ to us with this plan:
He's supposed to die so we should wake up and see the truth, which is: The way to understand God's word is through repenting our sins and loving each other as much as we're loving ourselves.

Xpress Gospel

Here is a xpress part of the gospel explained in a condensed form, you should start reading and understanding the message of the Bible (unless you already do) if you really want something out of this life.

A Savior was, as everyone knows (those who know the Gospels) foretold by many prophets.

Facts: The name Jesus is derived from the Hebrew name Yeshua/Y'shua, which is based on the Semitic root y-š-ʕ (Hebrew: ישע‎), meaning "to deliver; to rescue.
Christ comes from the Greek word χριστός (chrīstós), meaning "anointed one". The word is derived from the Greek verb χρίω (chrī́ō), meaning "to anoint." In the Greek Septuagint, christos was used to translate the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Mašíaḥ, messiah), meaning "[one who is] anointed".

Still wondering about who Jesus is? Jesus was and is God's son, in other words: A part of God walked among humans to show us the right way, so if you are still wondering how God is, take a look at how Jesus behaved:

Jesus performed miracles no human had the ability to do, ergo he is the only begotten Son of God and has other abilities than us. All the miracles are witnessed so many times that it can't be explained in any other way.

Many of the people at Jesus's time lived under enormous oppression, but the victims expected a prophesied savior to come and help them physically out of their suffering and not spiritually.

This was a misunderstanding and many were disappointed at first, but in retrospect many discovered that God's approach was once again a stroke of genius in this way: Noone would have learned anything from it.

Let us explain;

If the Savior would physically pick up a physical fight against the oppressors (Romans) the loss of human lives would have been even more significant. We know that violence creates more violence, so the savior had to make a different approach, and the result should be a historical mark for human history forever.

Jesus's approach was genius and only grasping for people with good hearts and the ability to repent their own evil and bad deeds.
Others would never be able to understand his message and they would even fear losing their own power (the priests) and starting to argue with him.
Jesus had 2 different groups of people surrounding him: The group fearing for losing their own power and belongings and the group of disciples and followers.

So 2 fronts arose consisting of almost all of the Romans, priests and scholars on one side and Jesus and his followers on the other. His followers were people who had no problem seeing their own flaws and therefore they were able to repent their bad habits and doings. The other had their pride as their problem (nr. 3).

Another aspect of this was people being suppressed by the Romans also lived in poverty and had less to lose.
That fact made it easier for them to believe and follow Jesus since they had no physical belongings.
The scholars in the church had a lot of power at that time and with power came privileges (money and belongings) that only a few of them would let go of, this of course boosted the conflict between themselves and Jesus' followers and. This is another proof that the wrong set of values may be a huge problem (nr. 4).

Jesus seldom showed aggression and gathered no one to war against his opponents, but his behavior provoked the scholars and the priests, but they were never able to point out any flaws in his behavior for a long time (even if they tried several times).
He was mostly understanding and he always saw through his evil opponents and also proved his sovereignty with spectators who learned that good always triumphs over evil.
Jesus never challenged the priests and the scholars, but they probably perceived it differently with fertile ground from their own greed and envy.

They often tried to "take care of him", but he had the best help one can have: God is his father so what more could one need?

The special about Jesus's situation was as following:

  • Jesus knew where all this was going, he was aware of his future fate (death).

  • He knew many people would be disappointed by the situation as in "not being saved" from Roman suppression.

  • Jesus prepared his disciples for what was coming and even appeared in front of them after his own death.

  • Jesus knew the reason for all this was to send a message that only the believers would perceive.

  • The message is (once again) hidden from all who have bad intentions, but appears for everyone who repents and believes.

As we know there were many situations where Jesus was tried to be killed or captured, but there were always "coincidences" that got him to safety. He himself knew he was going to die for his cause, but only after his job was done.

Jesus was also aware that he was going to "go out with a bang" and then "seal the deal" with his disciples.

One can safely say that Jesus' death received attention at that time and considering that the attention has remained for over 2000 years, we can conclude there's still interest and hope for his cause and message.

Everything that happened around Jesus was "the big thing" back then, and one of the reasons was many people were waiting for a savior and it stemmed from a genuine interest and faith in God.

God's salvation is available through his laws and by following Jesus Christ.

It is only through God's word and following Jesus that one will experience the salvation, and it works like this:

  • God speaks to everyone through our thoughts, there's a kind of "an open channel" in all of us and we have the opportunity for this contact through doing good deeds and by having the right attitude.

  • For those people who choose not to follow the good side which is available for everyone and choose to do evil deeds, the good channel is replaced with a dark side. This dark side is a self destructive "channel".

  • Those of us who have genuine remorse and don't make excuses for our bad behavior the channel to God is reopened.

God is brilliant in every way and in many cases he has a sense of humor that surpasses a lot.

At the same time he seems to be accurate in measuring the correction given to those who deserve it.

God is logical

God is so much positive: Caring, loyal, modern and last, but not least 100% LOGICAL.

He has created the world as a masterpiece and everything that lives in the world is well-functioning, except for one element: Humans and our destructiveness act as including:

Overconsumption and then destruction of nature, the environment and the relationships between us because we have chosen the wrong set of values.

Since God is logical the correction of humans must be in the same category: 100% LOGICAL.

Examples of the logic in the correction of people:

  • A person who speaks disparagingly about fat people ⇒ Gets overweight himself.

  • Evil People ⇒ Will not understand the gospel and therefore deny that Jesus is the Son of God.

  • People who cheat on their loved ones ⇒ Will be cheated on themselves.

The reason why the correction often is logical and traceable is because it makes it easier to reverse, but only after the person regrets their actions in a genuine way.

In other words: The way they are corrected works as an input for the bad behavior.

People who, on the other hand, are generally kind will always "receive benefits" from our creator.

A reflection about the Corona pandemic = Just another wakeup call?

In 2022, the message is definitely a hot topic, it's really time for people to wake up from materialism and take a new turn. After 2 years with a pandemic situation who most certainly is God "stirring us up a bit" for saying:
Hey, why don't you guys open your eyes and realize what you're doing?!

So God has to take action and make us reduce our consumption by

Because the solution for the climate problem (nr.5) is we have to consume less.

We have pointed out 5 problems in this text and we'll explain why those are seen as problems on the next page when it comes to keeping the connection with God.