Keep your contact with God

To keep your contact with God it's almost as with people; He has to like you and your behavior, and the basics for him to be interested in having you as his dear friend is to follow his set of rules. In the Bible there are as we know 10 commandments that Moses received from our Lord personally, and we will elaborate them now.

1. You shall only have one GOD.

This basically means obviously you should not worship any idols as animals or other beings/figures, but it also means something that many forget in these modern times: We have our priorities wrong.

We who know our God exists must put HIM first at all times and trust him to take care of us.

God knows we need food, clothes, a job and everything else to survive, and he's the one taking care of all this. He knows what we need, so trust Him all the time and respect Him in this way:
DO NOT put your job or other interests before Him, this is the first commandment and the most important one.
The creation of God is made for us to appreciate, but not for worshiping.

2. You shall not make idols.

We are not to make any images of our God since we have not even seen him, we are only to worship him, his laws, covenants and respect the creation of our God.

3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

This means that you should NOT use swear words or abuse God's name like this: "Oh my God" which is an expression many people abuse everyday. Imagine being "nagged on all the time", and especially in situations you can't stand. DON'T EVER FORGET OUR GOD IS ALIVE and he's aware of everything going on.

4. You shall keep the Sabbath day holy.

Sunday is a day for having a rest and if you don't HAVE TO work or have IMPORTANT duties, this day should be used to develop yourself in the right direction:

By relaxing and reading the Bible for getting closer to God.

If you work as a doctor or nurse you shall of course go to work, God understands that you have duties, but if you prefer to work (ie do not MUST) instead of developing spiritually then you are not only breaking the 3rd commandment, but you indirectly break the first.Remember one important thing: God LOVES YOU, which also means that he is actually jealous.Just as you can become jealous if someone you love prioritizes someone else than yourself, so does God. He is wonderful to forgive since he loves so much, but jealousy is also a "product" of the concept of love.Sunday = Spiritual day.

5. You must honor your mother and your father.

Good behavior and upbringing start in the home, which requires consideration and respect both ways in all relationships. It's obviously a good base in life if a family sticks together and develops a faith in God.
If you have a good relationship with your family/parents you are lucky, but if you have issues make sure you work on those issues during your self-reflexion: Forgive and be the stronger person so you all may unite again.

6. Do not kill.

It goes without saying one shouldn't kill other people, but this commandment goes much deeper than that:

Nor should we "kill" nature, the environment, animals or destroy or abuse any of God's creations.

This is more complex and involves other negativities such as over-consumption and greed as well.
The reason why humans are experiencing the climate crisis is their own self-destructiveness in the form of greed and a negative culture making us buy a new car every fifth year and a new cell phone every second year even if those work perfectly as they are.

7. You shall not commit adultery, but you shall keep the marriage holy.

Totally unnecessary (we hope) to go in depth in this commandment, but for those who don't have true love, we must emphasize that true love is a lot easier to experience through genuine contact with God.
When a couple is in contact with God (both of you believe and trust in God) you may trust your partner 100%.
You will never commit adultery in a situation like that, not even in your mind. It's highly recommended for many reasons.

8. Do not steal.

You shall not steal anything, but it also means that you're not supposed to deceive others or make deals with hidden agendas. Remember that a deal is only good when both parts feel good after making the deal.
This covenant even means you shall learn to share with those who are not as fortunate as ourselves.
Try it, it makes you feel good about yourselves.

9. Do not lie and remember to be honest in every way.

Lies only make your life full of conflicts and remember who is watching over you: God see you 24/7.
It's easier to tell the truth to people than lie, so why make your life more difficult than it should be.

This also means you shall never judge or speak falsely about other people.
Remember you don't know about other people's circumstances or situations that may make them act in certain ways. Other people's business is not ours to have an opinion about, so just leave it and focus on yourselves.

10. You shall not covet or envy anyone's belongings or spouse.

The feeling of envy for other people's possessions, status, property, state or looks are extremely destructive.
It's a dangerous state of mind and will destroy your integrity and inner values as well.
God will take care of your external values so your job is to take care of the inner ones (by being a nice person).

When your value set is 100% inner values you won't be
envious anymore, therefore we highly recommend
working hard for making inner values into your core values.

This means also that you should not covet someone else's spouse (of course), but it also means that you should beware of getting between another couple.
Do not get too close to someone else's spouse/girlfriend as it can create jealousy and

Jesus' 2 covenants which sums it all up quite easily.

Jesus made it easier for humans to follow all of the specific covenants up above like this:

  • You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

  • You shall love everyone else as yourself.

Both covenants sum it all up with one word. LOVE.
Imagine how the world would be if everyone cared for one another and showed love in every way of action.

A task for your future: Try to see life through God's perspective.

It's a great feeling to be able to follow God's rules, it makes you wiser in a good way. Just remember to keep yourself from believing you're superior to others because you have changed, it's a dangerous trap for all of us.

Your perception of God's existence and how he works is actually a gift that no one shall take for granted.
We know we're not suppose to put our Lord to any tests, he knows what you're thinking so it won't work either, but it is quite interesting to see every actions through God's eyes like this:

  • Why situations happen because one has prayed for it and later received it because you deserve it.

  • How some people (even ourselves) are corrected by God because of wrong/foolish behavior.

  • Sometimes you don't get what you have prayed for immediately so remember to be patient, you might get it a bit later or maybe God has something else in mind for you. Remember God knows what's best for you.

If you start seeing the world and certain situations through God's eyes you will understand how he works.
Just remember not to be judgemental because of your understanding.
It's sad how other people don't know the truth so instead of judging them for not knowing, we need to spread God's word and that won't happen through judging.
The best way of spreading God's word is by positive behavior combined with giving thanks to our God.