God's plan for all human beings

For understanding God and his plan for all human beings you need to understand the scriptures in the bible.
There's normally only one way to learn from texts and that's by reading them, but when it comes to this case we actually believe it's not that easy, and we'll explain this further;

When Jesus was on earth talking to his disciples and the rest of the people he spoke in parables when he was teaching the gospel.
The disciples and other followers in those days wondered why he did so, and why did he?

Through speaking in parables, Jesus gave understanding to those who are seeking Him, by revealing the truth and the gospel to only those who were willing to listen and thoughtfully consider what He had to say.

In His grace some are given the ability to understand God's word, but the other group of people won't be able to understand the message even if they hear the words be spoken, because p
ride and greed stands in their own way to really understand what it's all about.
It works like an
intellectual blockade.
Does this mean people have to change their ways to be worthy to understand the gospel? We believe so.

The more you study God's word the more wisdom and "benefits" you'll receive from him.

In our opinion it seems logical that we all have to prepare ourselves before trying to understand the word of God. We believe this since the message also was hidden for the sinners at the time Jesus spoke in parables.
Even if God is modern why should this be different in our time, therefore we don't believe he has changed a well working system
which works just like this:

Religion and Church history

We are painfully aware that religion is the reason for many wars that have been fought with cruel results for humanity and our fellow creatures (animals/nature). It's quite paradoxical while considering the message in the word of God is contradictory, namely; Charity and genuine joy and respect for each other, animals and our nature.

In our opinion religion is a good thing when it's used in these ways:

  • Not developed into extremism which often ends in violence or acts of war.

  • People are able to separate their ego from the faith, meaning they share the good word instead of judging.

  • When people understand and use their beliefs in positive ways, as we know negativity breeds negativity.

And what is it for us to understand; What is God's plan for all human beings?

In the scriptures we have tried to understand God's plan for all humans by interpreting John's Revelation :

  • Those who understand the gospel and stick to God's laws and word AFTER they have received their knowledge will be part of God's future as Jesus' coworkers and assist Him in the first resurrection.
    They will live and reign with him for 1000 years before the second resurrection.

  • The rest of all human beings will be able to learn and understand the gospel in the second resurrection since they obviously didn't receive the understanding when they were alive for the first time.

  • For the people who choose not to live by God's laws there will be a third resurrection where they will be released into their second death. In other words: It's all over for them since they choose not to repent their sins and live by God's ways.

  • We have to highlight this is a very short version and you may read other interpretations here:

Prophecy: All Israel will be saved

Will you be raised up after death?


Once again we would like to make it clear that the mystery around God's plan for humans is difficult to wrap our heads around, but we believe everyone owns it to themselves to at least seek and try to understand it.

Take responsibility for yourselves and the ones you love, learn more about God here: