How do YOU find God

The very best part is already done; You understand that you need him and you hope he really exist.

In these days where many people are nihilist's (the beleive in nothing) there are fewer whome beleive there is a creator we can trust, despite it's quite obvious that the way of present living does'nt provide genuin happiness. Some develop new kind of religions (new age) or indulge themselves to one them feel comfortable with.

The website is created for several reasons:
I (editor) know we have a God since I was saved by him for some years ago (my personal story is revealed and described as we go along the topics) and I have studied religion in the university to get a theology degree and for understanding how/why I became a beleiver.

"When I became a beleiver (from ateist) I started a long task experiment with myself to understand if it's possible to grow in holyness and at the same time live in this modern world and not withdraw myself from the society. And today 5 years later the answer is still a "yes its possible", and I've learned alot. I will cover how this worked out for me, however I beleive all of us are different and there are many ways to cope with this worlds' struggles and how to find God and connect with him. On the other hand; My travel through negativities and challenges have been on a large scale so I really hope there are something in my theory that may help you make the connection with God, and to grow in your reletionship with God. This is my true story and parts of it may be your story as well - just follow up the tasks which will be described and be genuine!"

I'll cover following topics on this website so you may understand how alot of things works when it comes to our beloving God: