Recipe for getting in contact with God

Remember this: God is a living creature far more intelligent than us so you can't fool him. This might be scary and terrifying for us to take in, but once you get used to the thought it's quite comforting and a good feeling.
God has seen all of your and other people's bad behavior so nothing's news to him, that kind of knowledge will make the following task a bit easier for you to complete.

Here's the recipe for getting in contact with God step by step.

  • Self-reflection

  • Breathing technique

  • Fasting

  • Praying

First we'll go through all the steps one by one and then we'll put all the steps together in one task as a 24 hour fasting and prayer period.

  1. Self-reflection on your own behavior through your whole life might be painful, but it is the most important task for be able to connect with our God.
    We have to emphasize this: "We're all sinners and we have all done wrong many times."

    The most important part of this task is to admit to yourself and God that you have done wrong in all the situations you remember (and obviously bothers you in your subconscious).

    If you deny your own "historical wrongdoing" you'll never succeed with this task, it's supposed to hurt a bit.
    A tip for success when denial is appearing is to remove your own ego; See yourself as another person.
    Don't even think for a second making excuses for your own bad behavior, you need to take responsibility for your own actions and never make any excuses. God knows what you have done, so it's no problem.
    He just wants you to repent and of course not to repeat it.

    When you have started to process your earlier behavior and admit it to yourself you should feel better already, because God is forgiving you at the same time as you are regretting.
    It's quite easy when you have started and should make it easy to continue on your list.
    Remember the importance of being genuine in your mentally remorse and regrets.

  1. Breathing technique

    This might seem a bit weird, but the importance of correct breathing technique can't be undermined.
    You need to breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed all the time later in this task.
    Proper breathing technique which is through the nose gives us these benefits:

  • Increased ability to concentrate.

  • Better oxygen uptake.

  • Removal / filtration of bacteria and dust.

  • Reduction of acid in the mouth that provides better dental health.

  • General limitation of bacterial flora.

All the mentioned benefits contribute to the improvement of your physical and mental health.

  1. Fasting 18 hours.
    Makes you closer to God while your body is getting "cleansed" at the same time.
    Have a drink of water with a bit of fresh lemon juice every time you get hungry, the lemon provides vitamin C and it's a bit refreshing as well.

  1. Praying to God.
    Make sure you are NOT disturbed while praying and pray while closing your eyes.

  • Be genuine as well as grateful while praying.

  • Your prayers should always be of inner value characters (never materialistics).

  • Your first goal is to establish contact with God so start praying for your own self-reflexion to be a success.

  • Then pray for your future behaviors to be of better character.

  • To sum it up in short: Pray for help to be a better person!

    This is supposed to be a personal conversation between you and God so you need to find your own way.
    Some people pray silently (they think the words) and others speak the words out loud.
    Be honest and patient while praying for your own forgiveness and connection, that's the most important.

Now it's time to put it all together and make the connection, you need a day off work and the best is to be alone if possible, but make sure you have the possibility to not be disturbed.

Time for the most important task: 24 hour with Fasting & Prayers.

You start precisely at midnight and sit undisturbed, preferably with a candle and carry out your prayers that you have prepared in your mind or in writing.

Make sure you breathe properly and go through your prayers while you have your eyes closed.

The time you use varies from 15 to 30 minutes, but time is not the biggest issue.
Enjoying your praying time and finding inner peace is of more significance.

You go to bed when you are done, but you do not get much sleep as you have to repeat your prayers 5 times in the next 18 hours and you should not eat solid food.

The times you should carry out your next prayers are these:

03.00 - 06.00 - 12.00 - 15.00 - 18.00 (total 6 praying periods included the first one at midnight)

After you pray at 18.00 you stop your fasting and enjoy a good (prepared) meal for the first time in 18 hours.

(Since you are low on calories during this period you sleep as much as you like between every praying period)


  • The feeling and experience of safety and care during the fasting period is a sign of you making contact

  • If you like to continue the fasting period you may extend it for a day or two.

  • Once you know you have experienced an established contact with God (hopefully in your first period of a genuine and well performed task as we described) you would most likely learn how to keep this contact.