Problems that stands in our way

On the page WHO IS GOD we pointed out 5 problems humans have when it comes to understanding God.
When we find ourselves in the situation of not understanding him we'll have a hard time creating a relationship with him, therefore we want to explain what we mean by these 5 problems.
Hopefully this will motivate you to work on those problems and almost every human struggles with this.

Problem 1: Putting God in a box/stall.
When we put God in a box/stall while trying to understand who and what he is makes us question his whereabouts and how he works, in the end it will make us even question if he really exists. When humans start trusting their own thoughts more than pure morals we'll limit our understanding of God's divine concept. Just accept that God is the great creator and everlasting power who loves you.

Problem 2: "Being out of order" makes a conflict with God.
This means we have to take better care of ourselves and the people we interact with, and if not we'll struggle with having a good relationship with God.
Removing all bad habits and behavior as well. It's hard work, but it pays offs in different ways:

  • You'll obviously have better health when you quit smoking, drinking alcohol or even using drugs.

  • You'll have a better life if you improve your diet and take better care of your own body physically.

  • People around you will see you as a source of positivity and hopefully try to copy you.

When you have cleansed your body physically it will be easier to feel good about yourselves and therefore even easier for you to keep your contact with God. You need to respect yourselves as you respect God.

Problem 3: Pride stands in our own way for understanding the gospel.
Proud people who believe they are better than others won't understand the gospel because God will make them "stupid and blind" because of their judgemental behaviour. Another "trap" in this category is set for those who actually believe in God, but who develop pride towards others who don't have the same beliefs as themselves. They will also "blinden themselves" and "go dark again" since they all of the sudden believe they are better than non-believers.

As true believers we should work for others to become believers (own topic later) and stay humble towards your own gift, which is: To truly understanding and living the gospel.

Problem nr. 4: Money and power.
There are few people who are able to be in a position of a lot of money and/or power and stay in a good relationship with God. The reason for this is complexed, but at the same time quite easy to understand and to overcome:
You have to love God more than the power and the money you possess.
If you love God more than power and money you will use both subjects wisely and be a nice person towards your fellow human beings.

We all know how greedy and abusive people behave and it can stand as an example for our opinion.

Problem nr. 5: Overconsumption (modern lifestyle).
Modern lifestyles are negative in many ways (e.g. climate crises) and may be summed up in one word: Overconsumption.
We throw away more than
1,3 billion tons of food annually and it's no secret we abuse the planet we're supposed to take care of. We're so self destructive we're actually serious about planning to move to another planet which is unlivable (Mars).

Monitored 24/7

God is in total control and you and everyone else is monitored 24/7 by him.
Nothing goes by him

He is a living organism and monitors all our activities (even thoughts and feelings), and he corrects us when we act in a way that causes all the problems we have been pointing out. WHY? Cause he wants YOU to do well.

Getting in contact with God is easy; Try to fix your problems and God will accept you.

We'll show you the recipe, and the keywords
are self-reflection, genuine remorse and a desire for changing yourself to be a better person.