Adaptation to God's will in a modern world

We live in an age where many people are devoted to materialism and egocentric ways of thinking. When you turn on the newschannel it's packed with sad stories, and it's hard to believe there's any hope for humans at all in this world.

People living in the modern world today have everything they need, but are still not content.
Humans seem to always want more and in the worst case without sharing with those who have less.

How can we adapt to God's will in this world, or let us rephrase it: What does God want from us in this world?

  • He wants us to share everything.

  • He wants us to share the gospel to those who want to listen.

  • He wants us to love Him and one another.

  • He wants us to be happy and thankful.

  • He wants us to respect the planet.

  • He wants us to surrender to him. Read more in this article: howtosurrendertogod

  • He wants us to read the bible and get wiser in his perception:

  • He wants us to ignore (never judge) those who won't repent their sins and learn about the gospel.

So how can we adapt to this lifestyle and still live in a modern world?

  • We suggest people need to consume smarter and less if we are serious about changing the climate crisis.

  • For maintaining stability in one's own personal mental health we are certain that keeping your contact with God by regular prayers and fasting periods is of huge significance.

  • Keep negativities at a distance.
    By this we meen people have to stop all the hating and ignore negative people and their actions.

  • Create your own "community" by gathering people who enjoy living by God's laws and word: Make better friends.

  • Avoid extremism in every way; Extremism is in our opinion judgementalism on the worst level ever thinkable.

  • Start by be a positive character and create your positive hobby were you only focus on inner values, e.g.:
    Helping other people or join some kind of volenteur work in your community.

The inner struggle: Soul VS Spirit.

The human being' soul is the sum of all our senses creating all physical needs our body has. All these needs can quickly develop into addictions if we do not let our spirit have a word in this conflict to restrain our needs.

On one side we feel our soul constantly tempts us and on the other side we have this inner voice telling the moral rights, that "moral
compass" is our spirit which is connected to God and represents his presence in us.

This spirit is the only equalizer for all of the constant temptations which make all the conflicts inside us.

These two opposite elements are the main challenge for hum
ans, because they are often in constant conflict with each other and it's only through strengthening of the spirit we're able to win the battle between soul and spirit.
Since our souls never rest and are in danger of developing addictions we have to be very aware of letting feelings (which is a part of our soul) to be a part of our decisions.

If we strengthen our spirit and develop a stronger relationship with God, we'll be better equipped to win the fight against all the temptations developed by our soul.
Then we will be able to be a part of Gods plan for all humans.

Music is good for inspiring yourselves and keeping your spirit up, enjoy these songs: